the virtuoso violonist mirel reznic

 Mirel Reznic – Résumé    

Born in the province of Transylvania in Romania and started learning the violin at the age of 5, Reznic completed his violin studies cum laude at the Cluj Music Academy, participated in many competitions and won numerous prizes, including first place in the George Enesco Competition for Young Musicians in Bucharest, first place in the Jacques Thibault International Competition in Brussels and first place in the Tchaikovsky Violin Competition in Moscow.

Mirel Reznic has appeared on prominent stages in Australia, North America, South America, South Africa and in renowned European capital cities. He also participated in the Berlin Festival, the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, the Jazz Festival in Helsinki, the Nomad Music Festival in Paris and a host of others.

In 2001, Reznic was invited to perform at five large concerts in Canada at the Vancouver National Theatre, at the Toronto Center for the Arts and in place des arts in Montreal.

Over the years, Reznic has appeared in the most illustrious festivals held in Israel: The Red Sea international Jazz Festival in eilat, the Arad Music Festival, the Ein Gev Festival, Jaffa Nights and the Jewish Musical Instruments (Kleyzmarim) Festival in Tzfat, of which he was a founder and for years he appeared as the top billed artist at the Festival.

Miral Reznic has recorded five music albums, including one in which he hosts the most famous violinists in the world: Isaac Stern, Pinchas Zuckerman, Stéphane Grapelli and Jean Luc Ponty.

Mirel Reznic rose to unique prominence when, for 8 years running, he was rated by Sony Columbia Records as one of the top ten violinists in the world.

the jewish jipsy jazz

 The greatest virtuosos in the world of klezmer, gypsy and jazz music performer,
in a unique performance of the best traditional Jewish , gypsy and jazz music,
 since time immemorial:
The virtuoso violinist, Mirel Reznic, who is ranked amongst the 10 best violinists in
the world by sony – Colombia records with The virtuoso accordionist, Yisrael Rosen,
playing the only accordion of its type in Israel and The virtuoso klezmer musician
 alan basin, a world renowned musical talent.
they are the new age klezmer
The performance repertoire includes, inter alia, the following classics:
When the Rabbi . . .
 jypsy jazz
Happy Song
Klezmer melodies
 sweet Georgia brown

over the rainbow

For the first time together on one stage, four top of the line virtuoso violinists
in a performance threaded with stories from the Jewish world,
stories from all around the world
and a salute to Jerusalem on the 50th anniversary of its re-unification.
An original production, a story of drama and anecdote,
told based entirely on rhythmic and pulsating music.
The performance is accompanied by an orchestra.
A unique experience, and an exhilarating and inspired performance.
(The show encompasses 10 performers)
Stage Director: Yitzchak Zonnenshein
Musical arrangements and production: Mirel Reznic and Ari Shore
דף הבית טלפוןwazeפייסבוק